Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A two hour movie about a boy and his horse, Joey, set against the horror of the first World War!


War Horse turned out to be a great movie. Superb storytelling, gorgeous cinematography, great acting and a poignant look at the waste of make Stephen Speilberg's latest epic a fantastic success. Frankly, I am still surprised that a movie thats star is a non-talking horse kept my attention, let a alone nearly brought me to tears.

Joey is thoroughbred horse that is purchased by a proud but very poor tenant farmer. Joey is a racehorse, not a workhorse. The tenant farmer, a crippled Boer War veteran is a man haunted by his past who has turned to alcohol to drown the memories of a life unfulfilled. Training the horse to plow fields falls to his son, Albert, with whom the Joey forms a bond. Unfortunately, the war begins and the pair are pulled apart as both man and horse experience the horrors of war.

The original novel, by Micheal Morpurgo,  is narrated by Joey himself in an interior monologue. In the movie there are no talking horses or pigs. However, Joey's body language and clear reactions are eerily human.

This is a movie with no sex, no foul language and it covers the macabre spectacle of war through a lens that should not upset children.An epic adventure for all ages. 

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