Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sex while the kiddies sleep is always risky business. There is a time and place for everything.

Remember the cowboy hat on the door knob from Meet The Fockers? It was the sign that the parents wanted some personal time while they engaged in sex games loud enough to be heard throughout the house.

The idea of ones parents engaging in sex can be creepy.  One teenager took it a lot further. A 15-year-old Florida girl was so creeped out one night that she called the cops. She had not been abused by her mother, but being able to hear her mom and her mom's boyfriend having sex at 4am made her feel "disrespected. She asked 9-11 to be placed in a Christian children's shelter because she heard her mother having sex. The teen's room is right next door to her mom's,

Her mom told police that "she didn’t intend to wake her daughter up."

 Pass The Dynamite' .Please get real..!!!! Parents have sex otherwise you would not be here...

Of course, a little discretion seems in order.

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