Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Eastern School District's decision to close schools in the St. John's metro area in advance of a winter storm will be fodder for Open Lines and office chatter today.

Environment Canada is forecasting a light snowfall of 10 cm to be followed by strong winds.  The strong winds are going to cause significant viability issues around about the time kids will be getting out of school.

Last Winter, I was pretty harsh on the board for not cancelling school on a stormy afternoon. The brunt of the storm hit the region at about 2:00 p.m. making after school driving treacherous. Reduced driving conditions, the inability of snow clearing equipment to operate with parents picking-up children led to pandemonium. Cars were stuck all over the place as iced up parking lots and slippery roads led to buses sliding into ditches and endangering the lives of children.

At the time I said a wrong call was better than putting children in harm's way.

If today's storm is a dud, Eastern is going to catch some flack.

Sure many working parents are facing a scramble this morning.  The roads are clear and barely a snowflake is falling.

I think making a call with safety in mind is always the right call.

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