Saturday, January 21, 2012


A trip to Mile One to watch an Ice Caps game just got a little easier.

The boys have been playing EA Sports NHL 2012 which includes the AHL teams as well. All day long I have been listening to the play-by-play live from Mile One as the Ice Caps take on everyone from the Eastern NHL All-Stars to the Winipeg Jets!

Dad, dad  you got to look at this wicked goal! I drop what I am doing and head downstairs to watch the photo realistic playback of Aidan's goal at Mile One.

I have to admit, I have never been much of a sports gamer. Way back my brothers Mike and I would play baseball against Tony Hodder. We would snap to attention and cover our chest with one hand as the MIDI file incarnation of the American national anthem was played. The boys have bought NBA, Soccer, rugby and hockey titles. I just have no interest in playing them.

 Like blockbuster movies, video game releases are getting bigger and more elaborate every year.  Video games have been transformed into entertainment for kids and adults. Some of these games like EA NHL and the call of Duty franchises are a gold mine. They have cult like followings. The kids and adults can not wait for the newest game. The Battlefield franchise has been around since 2002 and has sold 50 million units to date. Electronic Arts is one of the largest game companies in the world, which also makes The Sims, Madden NFL and Mass Effect.

Each time a new incarnation of these games comes out, I say, guys it is the same thing as last year, wait a while. However, I always think it can’t get any better but it always does.

My favorite EA games was something called Seven Cities of Gold. You set out from Spain in search of your fortune in the Americas. I played a lot of it on my old Commodore 64. 

EA started with one goal  to act as a popular outlet for the voiced, yet scattered and unheard "software artists". It started in 1982, when Trip Hawkins left Apple to form his own company. It is now the world's leading independent developer of interactive entertainment and games software. They made $1 BILLION last year. 

I still long for my sprites and 64 color version of Seven Cities of Gold.

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