Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last week there a number of stories about mice and rats finding there way into schools, colleges, university and businesses in the city. CBC Radio interviewed an exterminator who indicated that calls for his services were way up this winter.

Late last fall, the Swiss Chalet on Kenmount Road was closed by public health officials because of the presence of unacceptable levels of rodent poop. The owners suggested that work on the Team Gushue by-pass was disturbing their natural habitat.

Well, the problem is not isolated to our little rock in the North Atlantic. Across the pond in Sweeden, a man found a mouse in an ATM!

Gholam Hafezi  was taking out some cash when he noticed a cord jamming the ATM slot. He thought somebody may be trying to do something illegal, so he tried to pull the cord. He then realized it was a mouse tail.

He ran to the supermarket's customer service people and asked for help. They told him that the ATM was not their responsibility but the guys in charge of the shopping carts offered their help. One of them was finally able to take out the whole mouse: "he took out the mouse. His head was intact although a little bit bloody. Then I got my receipt."

Apparently the ATM was supposed to go to Disney!

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