Sunday, January 29, 2012


"geez Dad, mom ruined my nails, I can't pull these blocks apart anymore", Liam threw his hands up in frustration and marched up to his bedroom. He left behind his new Lego Creator set, neatly set up in piles on the dining room table.

I have three boys and by far the hardest task, next to peeing into the toilet, is cutting fingernails. The trio fight it like you were going to rob them of a kidney. Haircuts can be a challenge, but clipping those dirty old finger nails is like cutting teeth! Needless to say, none of us look forward to nail cutting time!

Strict hygiene with regards to fingernails was literally beaten into me in grade four. Our teacher was a disciplinarian. I am not sure how he would survive in today's educational system. Back than, we would come back from lunch, say the Our Father and place both hands on our desks for inspection. If we had dirty fingernails he would whap us on the knuckles with a yardstick! A very Pavlovian approach. 

After today, I understand why my Lego fanatic sons like to keep the nail on thier pinky finger long, it is  pragmatic, not because they are dirt bags. It makes pulling bricks apart easier because they have something to wedge them apart. This might save me a fortune in dentistry bills for cracked and crooked teeth.

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