Sunday, January 29, 2012


Do you really want to see the provincial House of Assembly re-open?

How about borrowing a page from a group of Ukrainian Protesters who traveled to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

The trio took of their tops in sub zero temperatures and tried to climb a fence in an attempt to call attention to the needs of the worlds poor.

I am sure they were not trying to promote themselves :)

They were taken to a police station and informed that they were not permitted to demonstrate in the heavily guarded town.

They are part of a group called Feman, which is popular in the Ukraine, where they protest the oppression of political opposition.

 They were joined by demonstrators from the Occupy movement who are camped in igloos calling for more help for the needy.

There is commitment for yea!

Policy makers from Hong Kong to Canada used the last full day of the World Economic Forum to push euro-region counterparts to boost their bailout cashpile to protect Italy and Spain. Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney estimated the European crisis will subtract 1 percentage point from global growth by the end of 2012 “and that’s in a world where this crisis is contained.”

Global finance chiefs warned no economy is safe from Europe's debt crisis, adding urgency to their calls for its governments to deliver a swift resolution.

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