Thursday, January 26, 2012


Newt Gingrich has more lives than a cat.

From pundits saying he is done, stick a fork in him, to his recent resurrection in South Carolina, he continues to be a force in the GOP and very relevant to American politics.

Tonight,  Newt has got to perform. This is the last debate before the Florida primary and it promises to be quite a doozy. I have not tuned into a single debate, but tonight I plan to watch. The stakes are too high to ignore.

The media/hosts of the debates have been hyping the debate to a near fever pitch. The raucous audience will feed Gingrich's style. He has drawn thousands at his events where Mitt Romney has not managed more than a few hundred. Ronald Brownstein of the National Journal. says Gingrich surged in South Carolina thanks to "searing debate performances,." He has to do a lot better than he did on Monday.

The latest CNN poll has Mitt Romney at 36% and Gingrich at 34%, a statistical tie. A new Rasmussen poll out today  has Romney retaking the lead with 39 percent over 31 percent for Gingrich. Rick Santorum had 12 percent and Ron Paul was taking 9 percent of the vote among the 750 likely GOP voters polled.

Mitt Romney's campaign released its first negative campaign ad this week, which says Newt Gingrich "cashed in" while the housing crisis walloped Florida families.

The winner of next Tuesday's primary will score something no one has yet claimed in a tumultuous primary season: a second victory.


Charlie said...

Looking forward to seeing this debate, and you're right, it's being built quite a lot. But those analysts know the score pretty well and what's on the line for this state. Newt has to keep the momentum going. Yes, he has to also come out with both guns blazing, and Mitt too. It's shaping up to be an entertaining showdown, but many of Gingrich's fellow GOP reps are saying that in no way will he ever become president. Nancy Pelosi was the latest to say this just yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I like Obama. Ergo, go Newt!

Greg said...

LUNATICS!! ...makes the crowd in the middle east seem almost ...SAFE!

The USA has surely headed down the road of other collapsed empires.

Maybe Newt knows this and this is why he wants to build a moon base.

I have pet Fire belly Newts ...they are toxic to the touch also.