Sunday, January 22, 2012


Basketball and hockey are dominating the day!

Liam and Conor both had hockey games at 9:00 this morning, while Aidan's week long Jr. high basketball tournament for grade sevens resumed at the same time. So much for rest, relaxation and house cleaning!

The big news is that Aidan got a basket in the game. He plays defense and this defiantly was a big deal. Aidan is the shortest kid on the team, perhaps in the tournament, and this is his first year in basketball.  I am so proud of him. His confidence is improving with all of the games and practices. This mornings win means the Vipers are up against Beaconsfield in the semi-final at 1:30....and the final (if they make it) is at 6:00 (same time as Conor's next hockey game)

The boys are completing their homework now. That school and extracurricular activity balance is often a bone of contention. There are times when I feel a Gulliver's cab driver. At least one night a week Aidan eats his supper in transit to to another commitment. It can all be a bit overwhelming, but as long as his marks stay strong, we are all willing to make the sacrifices. It is all about finding a happy medium.

Effectively balancing school and extra-curricular activities is where it all can get tricky. Through a tournament or a concert practice into the mix and that balance is hard to find. Finding time to cook, get the laundry caught up on or clean the house becomes a chore. Trade-offs have to be made. For example, Mass is going to be sacrificed today. Which means the kids preparation for the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist will be impacted. (of course the Archdiocese needs to rethink these Lent focus sessions that parents and children have to attend)

From my perspective education is key to the boys future success, However, participating in extracurricular activities  plays an even large part in character building and mental and physical health.  They earn new skills, improve self esteem and excel both socially and personally.

I am not pressuring the boys to be the next big sports star or singer. They choose what activities they wish to take part in.  We simply schedule, pay the bills and provide the transportation.

All we ask is that they give it their best while ensuring they have enough time for homework, rest and spontaneous play.

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Cyril Rogers said...

Ah, Peter, your involvement with the boys brings back some great memories of my days as a "taxi" for my son and all of the things he was involved in.

They pass too quickly, so enjoy them while you can!