Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My middle guy's grade three choir took part in the NLTA Christmas Suite at the Arts & Culture Centre last night. It was the fourth Christmas concert that we have attended in as many nights! Last night my oldest guy's school choir was on stage at the same venue.

Christmas Suite Performances are a four-day event involving dozens of youth choirs from schools on the North East Avalon. It is a big fundraiser for the NLTA's music council and provides a fantastic showcase for these students to showcase their musical talents. 

I would like to recognize the great commitment that teachers make to providing these opportunities for these kids. For example, the vice-principal at Liam's school was there directing traffic and keeping an eye on the children which is exactly what she was doing when I dropped Liam off at MQP at 8:05 am this morning. That is dedication. Teachers really are special people.

Speaking of Liam. He just informed me that his class is writing a farewell letter to Danny William's thanking him for his contribution to the province while Premier.  Liam though it was strange that his class was thanking Danny Williams for leaving. I chucked, thinking of a few people who might be able to draft that one. I had to explain to him that the letter was thanking him for a job well done and that he is retiring. Kids say the darnedest things.

I wonder how many school children from Nain to Cape Ray are writing letters to Danny? I also wonder how many school children did that when Clyde Wells and Brian Peckford resigned?


WJM said...

I wrote to the Premier when I was in school, too.

About the teacher's strike. My letter to Brian Peckford wasn't a class project, though.

Same letter went to the President of the NLTA. Roger something.

Greg said...

My daughter asked who this Danny guy was who died.

Teachers have no business involving our children in partisan politics.

If that was her class TOLD to write thank you notes to Williams my screams would be echoing in the halls of the school board for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I suppose he was complaining about Danny back then. Probably wrote a letter complaining he could not get CPAC, After School Specials or Phil Donohue. It was all Dannys fault for the teachers strike back

Peter L. Whittle said...


Good point. I thought indoctrination but than felt it was a nice gesture and an opportunity for Liam to learn more about the democratic process.

Is this really about partisan politics or just another example of how nonpartisan the admiration for Danny Williams is?

Greg said...

Either way ...keep your idol worship away from my child.

This wasn't a civics lesson.