Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is Raise-a-Reader day across Canada.

Volunteers in 27 cities across Canada will take to the streets and trade special edition newspapers for donations to Raise-a-Reader. 100% of the money collected on Raise-a-Reader Day stays inthe community it was raised in and is distributed to local literacy programs.

Did you know that more than 40% of Canadian adults have literacy skills below the level needed to succeed in today's society and economy. Literacy opens doors to success, and reading to our children helps to develop the literacy skills they need to become lifelong learners.

Reading to a child can promote a child’s cerebral and emotional development. While any positive interaction between parent and child is helpful, reading is always a sure fire way to gain a positive foothold into a child’s life. Books open doors to new ideas, cultures and concepts. By reading to young children a parent helps instill a love of books in children and helps them want to read more.

Reading is a time to draw closer together. It's like taking a family vacation without the car, the gas, the weather, the bathroom stops and the fighting. Reading is fun, entertaining, educational, and down right exciting.

While we have an amazing home library, we often visit the library and select books that interest us. The boys love having library cards and the experience teaches them a lot about caring for other people's books and deadlines.

One of the most important things about reading with a child is that new brain pathways are being developed as the vocabulary is increasing. An expansive vocabulary will go far in helping a child be successful in school as well as in daily life.

Reading to a child is not only a good way to foster a love of reading but also a way to spend some quality time between parent and child.

Raise-a-Reader is a year-round initiative that raises funds for family literacy programs across Canada. 

Support literacy by buying a newspaper on National Raise-a-Reader Day.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to rain on your danny is god parade but when did the old man find time to film this segment? In between carefully scripted helicopter tours of the devastation.

Is it possible that the man of the people was filming this skit while thousands of his residents were without power, food, water and roads?