Sunday, April 4, 2010


As you may have noticed it has been a little quiet at P&P this past week. I enjoying a little break with the kids in St. Bernard's. What a day Easter Sunday turned out to be. Sunny, warm and not a breath of wind on the water.

The kids and I helped dad move some of his lobster pots up to the Little Friar this afternoon. The trip netted some thrilling dividends for Kris and the boys. We saw two moose, a seal, a few whales and I got some great pictures of a Bald Eagle nest.  I left my SD reader and my camera's transfer cord at home, but I wil post a fabulous picture of an eagle in full flight and full wing span when I get back to St. John's.

There is nothing quite like the sounds of the waves rolling up on the gravel beach. It brings me back in time to a much simpler time when we played hard, had fun and never really had any worries. I think I'll crack a bottle of red wine and relax out on the deck tonight and enjoy the symphony of the sea.

Speaking of memories. If your looking for a great book for kids about growing up in out port Newfoundland check out Necie Mouland's "There's No Place Like My Newfoundland Home". Necie originally put this book together for a come home year celebration but it has been revised for a wider audience.  The illustrations are great and it is based on her wonderful memories of being raised in the St. Bernard's. The book includes glossary with meanings of local words and drawings and descriptions of common Newfoundland plants and sea creatures.

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