Monday, April 5, 2010


Cheers & Jeers
The Telegram

Cheers: to hard work. Well, after a stressful and hard-fought six whole days of work, the province's occasional legislature has closed its doors for a much-deserved three-week Easter break. The honourable members, who, after all, set their own hours of work and not that many years ago decided to grant themselves a four-day legislative work week (No Fridays for them!), are expected to be back in the House of Assembly some time around April 19.

Jeers: to more hard work. "I suppose if it was a full-time job and I was being paid a full-time salary like a member of the House of Assembly then maybe I'd just get my regular vacation according to time served, I don't know. But it's a part-time job and I'm paid part-time." That's city councillor Gerry Colbert, on why he's missed seven of the council's 23 meetings since the election. Wonder if he mentioned his part-time role when he was campaigning for the $30,000-a-year part-time post. Memo to Gerry: MHAs are a poor example. See above.

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