Thursday, April 15, 2010


The news today that the iPad won't be available in Canada until the end of May comes as a disappointment to many. Apple has delayed its launch outside of the U.S. to better serve demand in that country.

The Las Vegas Apple Store only received 80 last week and they sold out as quick as they came in.
I was in and out of the store, and was disappointed to learn that they had sold out on Monday and no one knew if, or when, a new shipment would arrive. While there I mentioned that I blogged about Apple computers quite often and showed them a P&P post from last week about the iPad.  On Tuesday, I got a call,  one had been arranged for yours truly. I lucked out!

I've had one in hand for a few days now and have been putting it through its paces. I feel like Lieutenant Commander Geordi LeForge in an episode of Star Trek!

First off. It is sleek. It’s a gorgeous device.  Secondly, it is fast.  The "It's just a like a big IPod Touch" slurs fall flat because the the new processor makes the iPad much faster and more responsive than its little cousin. Applications open instantaneously, web pages load and display quicker and zipping around Google Maps is a dream. The touchscreen keyboard works better than I expected, but it is going to take some getting used to. E-books look like real books, and turning pages is natural and intuitive. I have been enjoying the Marvel Comics application, which lets you download and read digital versions of Marvel comics, which look great on the vibrant screen.

The really sad news, the great e-book reader is not available in Canada. I have to lie and set up an American account to download it! Thst really pisses me off. I hope those issues are addressed for those of us that live in Canada but already have the iPad! Steve, are you listening. Not being able to download iBooks and iWork is a bummer.

It is not as light as I thought it would be. I am also dreading the first scratch. It is also a fingerprint magnet!

It does not replace any device that I already have, but for blogging, surfing the net and enjoying an occasional movie, it will deliver just what I want.

It may not be Camelot but  I can safely say, beam me up Scotty!

Magical, not quite but it is some cool!

Just one question, how do I pry it out of Aidan's hands?


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The iWork app is only a partial version of iWork, mostly for viewing, offering a few modification capabilities.

The iPad is a good first start, but as your blog indicates, it is more for media viewing and some surfing (remember, no Adobe Flash or reader interface available).

just wait 5 years....