Wednesday, March 3, 2010



"The level of violence that's out there,
the level of drug usage that's out there,
the level of needle usage that's out there, 
the amount of cocaine that people are
putting up their nose, OxyContin they
are putting in their arms — the crimes
that they are committing to get the 
money to be able to buy these drugs
— it would blow your mind," 

Cont. Tim Hogan 
Dr. Ron Fitzpatrick, of Turnings, has been sounding the horn for years. "We have to be prepared. It's better to be prepared," he preaches. But who is listening? Programs such as these are vital in helping recovering addicts regain some of the balance they have lost by teaching them life skills they lacked or have lost and helping them become employable again. There is a great deal of crime and violence associated with the illegal drug trade.

St. John's is transforming. Although we enjoy many indicators of a healthy community, it is clear that many of our youth live risk-filled lives. We are not immune to big city crime and its problems.

The question is, what are we doing to prepare? 


Anonymous said...

When did Ron become a "Dr."????

Anonymous said...

how does 13% of 500,000 equal 20,000?

Peter L. Whittle said...

Yea, those numbers do not match well. Went back to the source and the first number included gamblers. I'll correct it.