Sunday, November 1, 2009


"With the Williams government noted for its mute MHAs, the narrow-minded Newfoundland electoral tradition of making sure you have a member in the government benches just doesn’t work anymore. These voters obviously think they can get better representation from the Opposition bench.." - Greg Locke, The Chronicle Herald

Greg Locke adds his perspective on the Progressive Conservative's byelection loss in the Straits-White Bay North.  Are the results just a taste of things to come with a number of byelections anticipated in the year to come?


Anonymous said...

No exactly an unbaised observer this fellow. Another who can't see beyond his own blind partisan anger.

Greg said...

And what party would that be moron without the guts or integrity to put their name to their opinion?

Without a name we have no way to propery credit your wise words and they will fade into oblivion so many other political arseholes who have been long forgotten.

Jay said...

Greg: when you post craziness like this..... well that's why some people resort to anon comments.

It wasn't me, but the guy makes a point. You've got a serious buildup of anger. Might be time for a breath, possibly a deep one.

Heart failure just isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

political arseholes who have been long forgotten
a great name for a book even a photo book bad photos of bad politians.
a funny best sellar for every coffee table

Edward G. Hollett said...

When people can't deal with the substance of an argument, they attack the person, as did 544, "Jay" and 1047.

They also betray their own partisan bias in the process.

Anonymous said...

The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Seems to me that if you point out the obvious you pick up scorn. Why would anyone use a real name here.

Jay said...

Indeed Ed, I was illustrating that very point and thank you for agreeing with it. Greg seemed to attack with name calling more then he provided substance. I am glad we agree on that.

To your second point, sadly I have no partisan bias to display. I have spoken out here against the Liberal Party *AND* the Conservative government. The NDP isn't worth arguing about. How that makes me partisan is anyone's guess.

But again, when one can't deal with the substance of an argument, one resorts to attack, as you say.

Anonymous said...

i really thought the photo book was a good idea!

Anonymous said...

"When people can't deal with the substance of an argument, they attack the person, as did 544, "Jay" and 1047."

Thus typed Ed Hominem, the man who attacks DW every day on his Liberal blog. It must be a terrible affliction to be pathologically jealous of another human being.

Ed and the Clyde lied tribe, plus Westcott, Meaker, and Locke do personal attacks all the time. Then hypocritically they pounce on anyone who utters/types anything positive.

What a bunch of losers.

Craig Westcott said...

Nice to hear from you again Wallace.

Anonymous said...

Greg’s style of journalism is not comparable to any other real journalist. The past couple of weeks Peter has promoted each column via a blog broadcast and if you were interested you could read it. Yes like a few more I actively followed the links and gave each column a read. I have yet to be impressed with any thing he has brought forward. I find his content lacks any strength or new insight and he is constantly throwing unviable innuendo statements in the middle of comments. Example ” “Sure, when it comes to the provincial government there is always something to scream, laugh or roll your eyes at, but people need a break. The minister of health and the Eastern health board are playing the blame game, the premier is dodging a slate of progressive legislation and children caught up in the government’s social service system and foster homes would get better care and more compassion at the SPCA.”.”--This is not journalism this is creative writing.--

I’m sure he can create headlines to make people read an article. But is he informing people properly? Journalism is considered serious business which carries integrity. Charter rights even! I just hope Mr. Locker along with his audacious statements realizes when you don’t take the time to take the business and reputation seriously. People will more than likely see him fade into oblivion so many other journalistic Arseholes who have been long naturally forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Craig Westcott is the best researched fact finder in Newfoundland& Labrador his paper is always a must read. He calls it like the facts tell it never bias always informative.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Cheez Whiz:

Wow, talk about a post going to hell in a hand basket.

I often run links, excerpts and sometimes full articles from Craig Westcott, Greg Locke, Myles Higgens, Russell Wankerski and a slew of other writers, columnists and bloggers.

People have different opinions and perspectives on issues. I like having as many of those out there as possible for discussion. There are plenty of people who do not like me or others who take opportunities to hide behind anonymous comments to make nasty comments that fail to bring substance to the debate. Name calling and personal attacks are not welcome, so please feel free to criticize the messages but lets leave our opinions on people out of the debate.

Anonymous said...

Westcott is the best of the nay sayers for sure. At least he can craft a potent argument. The rest of them are a bunch of hacks and possuers.

Anonymous said...

Greg Locke is not a Journalist he is a paparazzo. and not a good one at that.