Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We pulled it off!

The breakfast program at Virginia Park Elementary delivered a hot breakfast this morning. Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Living is followed and three of the four food groups are offered each breakfast. We have been sticking to mixing up the menu with toast, cereal, milk, yogurt tubes, bananas, oranges, breakfast bars and bagels. Someone suggested we attempt pancakes. We have a small kitchen, but have to serve our meals in the gym. My initial response was tepid, but supportive. We tried it this morning and it worked well. 

The school board electricians were in and ran some new outlets for us. No more fuses blowing every time we generate some heat. Our fantastic volunteers from the Knights of Columbus and school council were in extra early, and the result was great. The kids loved the change. We managed the mess and still had the gym ready for the physical education teacher by 8:20.

The first benefit is providing children with a good start to the day - a nutritious meal. Other goals, such as offering nutrition education and providing a positive social experience, are also important reasons why communities initiate Breakfast Programs. Sometimes the more intangible goals are considered the most important ones.

All children regardless of circumstances are permitted to attend breakfast programs. Hungry children are not necessarily poor children, the problem of coming to school hungry crosses all socio-economic groups. Our goal is to ensure that all children attend school well nourished and ready to learn.

If you live in the east end of St. John's and have time to help with a really great program drop me a line. We can always use more help. Many hands makes for light work. 

I smell like a short order cook but that is manageable.

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Good stuff Peter.