Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Political junkies, like yours truly, might appreciate a new offering by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. They have incorporated a new politics section on their web page.

It is billed as "a one-stop section that gives you content from all our platforms — online, radio and television — as well as Inside Politics, our new political blog that gives you constant fresh and insightful reporting and analysis, straight from the corridors of Parliament Hill."

They are offering Canadians a chance to engage reporters and discuss the issues of the day with thier parliamentary bureau. Nothing like having Kady O'Malley on speed dial! I've been a fan of the Political Bytes Blog and am super pleased to see the CBC is enhancing their political coverage.

This is another great use of the internet to empower people. I hope people take advantage of this new opportunity to express opinions and ask questions. You can count on the fact that decision makers will be watching the comment sections.

I hope they bring forward more regional political coverage as well.

Long live the CBC!

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