Thursday, June 12, 2008


"Cameron rolled her eyes, gave a heavy sigh, and tapped her fingers on her desk in a show of impatience." - CBC NEWS

Testimony yesterday at the Cameron Inquiry sheds more light on the departure of Tom Osborne from the provincial cabinet. The Premier's Chief of Staff, Brian Crawley, has confirmed that Osborne flipped out when he realized that critical information detailing the numbers of people affected were kept from him.

Osborne had stated when he testified that he only learned the true magnitude of the issue when he was Justice Minister during a technical briefing for the cabinet. He told Judge Cameron that he reacted quite strongly and that he should have left the meeting to cool down.

Crawley said yesterday that Osborne "repeatedly voiced his concerns over that. He really didn’t handle himself in the most professional manner" and that Osborne’s remarks sidetracked the presentation.

This led to a discussion involving the Premier on how the Minister responsible could have been kept out of the loop on a critical file. Crawley was asked about other inaccuracies in various briefing notes associated with the scandal and said government has asked an outside party to complete a review of the internal briefing process to ensure mistakes aren't made again.

Judge Cameron has been noticeably annoyed with recent testimony from senior aides for the Premier. Brian Crawley was sent an e-mail in July of 2005 that warned of a major story about to break involving breast cancer testing mistakes. He can't remember getting the e-mail or even talking to anyone in the premier's office — including the premier — about it.

The Premier's Director of Communications, Elizabeth Matthews, testified that she cannot remember whether she told Williams about breast cancer testing problems when she first learned of them in July 2005.

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