Wednesday, November 26, 2014



His radio star has fallen, now the man whose kinky sex life led to allegations of sexual assault throwing some much over due light on the issue of sexual harassment in our society has been charged with sexual assault. 

Jian Ghomeshi has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcome resistance - choking. His first public appearance in a month took place in court where the charges were read. He was released on $100,000 bail in  return he agreed to reside with his mother and surrendered his passport.

None of the allegations have been proven in court and his high profile defense lawyer stated “We will defend and respond to these allegations fully and directly in a court of law,” 

At least nine women and one man have claimed they were choked, hit or sexually harassed by Jian. One women alleges he used his teddy bear in the assault. 

Yesterday the CBC announced that  Ghomeshi has reached an agreement with the network to withdraw his $55-million lawsuit against the public broadcaster. The lawsuit was launched after termination of his employment, alleging defamation and breach of confidence. CBC argued that Ghomeshi’s allegations were frivolous or vexatious. “The suit is being withdrawn with costs in favour of CBC,” said CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson, who said Ghomeshi is expected to pay $18,000 in legal costs to the CBC.

It has been a costly month for the disgraced media personality.  Various organizations and individuals all announced they are parting company with Ghomeshi. Penguin Canada says it will no longer publish his next book, talent management company “The Agency Group” stated it would no longer represent him, and pop singer Lights issued a Facebook statement saying she was dropping Ghomeshi as her manager after 12 years of working together.

The past month has seen a significant amount of exposure towards the issue of  violence against women


I am in a reflective mood tonight sitting at a table at the McDonalds on Stavanger Drive sipping in a coffee waiting for Conor to finish is hip-hop dance lessons.

I used to spend a lot of time at this MacDonalds. The play centre was a godsend. I would bring the boys up here and they would climb for an hour while I read a book or caught up on work.

Seems strange to be sitting here on my own tapping my feet to Madonna's Santa Baby.

There are a bunch of tired looking parents here watching their kids play while they take a break. I can so relate. In some ways it makes me sad, back than the we were their world. The biggest disagreement was wanting Orange juice over Milk! I was not a taxi driver and diapers were cheaper than Hockey & Shallaway.

Which reminds me, Aidan has to picked up soon from the Sheraton. He looked some dapper and handsome in his tux and bow-tie going out the door to perform at the Red Cross Humanitarian of The year Award Banquet. He asked me the other day why he gets more stuff on Santas Birthday than on his own?

I think I will wait for my favorite Christmas tune of all. - Johnny Cash's Little Drummer Boy to finish before walking down to grab Conor.

I love the life we had and have here on the rock.

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The newly “anointed” leader of the remnants of the party Danny Williams co-opted to be his political vehicle has been handed his third significant by-election loss in as many months.

Last nights double-header losses show how far out in left field Premier Davis is.  Hurricane Dunderdale’s wide swath of destruction left a legacy of incompetence. The perceived arrogance of our own Marie Antoinette exhausted what little remaining confidence the public had in the party. 

The botched leaderships of 2014 coupled by the Humber Valley Paving Scandal and the refusal of Judy Manning to seek election to the House of Assembly smothered any smoldering sparks of re-ignition.  The tank is empty, there are not even any fumes to coast on.

Three by-election losses in a row would test the mettle of any party. The PCs are stuck with a dud, or perhaps to be fair the dud is the PC party he inherited.  It may even be a cause of a dud leading a dud party. The bottom line is this is a case of dead man walking.

The newly minted Premier’s decision to burn-up any bump he might have gotten after winning the poison chalice on appointing an inexperienced, en-elected, unproven lawyer to the Justice Portfolio showed how ill-equipped he was to govern.  If he could not see the political fall-out from that decision than he did not deserve the honor of leading his party, let-a-lone the province. 

In the short span of a year the Liberals have gone from being the party of bankrupt ideas and finances to the bell of the Ball.  They have grown exponentially from six members to sixteen fueled by scandals and a lack of confidence and now a deep mistrust in the government

The Liberal Party has always been a middle of the road party, but this Heinz 57 confabulation of Tories, Liberals and Dippers is unprecedented. It is an alliance of right-wingers, centrists and lefties. Gaining power is the prime objective. It is up to us to shape how this new government will govern. It will not be as easy to reign them in once they are our governors.

As of now there is no expectation of a PC comeback. The PC’s have blown it. They have the resources of the government and the support of the hanger-oners. They are governing on borrowed time. In reality, the seven straight by-election loses show they have lost the confidence of the people to govern even if they still have the numbers to hold onto the confidence of the house.

It is the perfect time for the re-birth of the Provincial New Democratic Party, but they are not even playing the role of bridesmaid these days.

The spotlight will shine brightly on ever word, policy and pronouncement the Liberals make.  It remains to be seen if they are up to the delicate and diplomatic job of being a government in waiting.

Monday, November 24, 2014



I think it is high time that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau re-instate Scott Andrews as a member of the Liberal Caucus. 

The entire affair has been a farce from the start! If there was ever a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater this is it!  How do you proceed with an investigation or a hearing when the two accusing MPs say no formal complaint will be forthcoming!

I agree that action was warranted the moment that the leader was made aware of the alleged harassment issues. Trudeau was right to act. 

 I disagree with the approach Mr. Trudeau took. I also disagree with those that say he had no choice. 

News last week that his decision was based on NDP MP Craig Scott’s (Toronto-Danforth, Ont.), a former law professor, interpretation that one of the alleged incidents, as described to him, amounted to an allegation of sexual assault, was the icing on the cake of disbelief.

He had a choice in how he dealt with it. He had a choice in inflicting the terrible allegations and innuendo on the reputation of a family man whose reputation is his political currency. Scott Andrews deserved better than to be thrown under the bus in the name of expediency and in the face of unfounded allegations.

It was a de facto conviction!  Fairness demands that the accused have the right to clear the air. This tendency to rush to judgment without due process is worrisome.

Mr. Trudeau could have referred the matter to the Speaker of the House. He could have issued a press release indicating that he had been made aware that two Female Members of the NDP Caucus had alleged that two members of his caucus had harassed them. He could have met with them, informed them of the situation and told them that their future in the caucus would be determined by the outcome of a fair process. He could have worked out a process with NDP that worked for all four individuals.

Instead, he chose to take the word of his political opponents and throw members of his caucus to the wolves with absolutely no regard for the damage done to their reputations, their marriages, their families or their constituents.  All of this and the NDP MPs identities are protected and they refused to make an official complaint. No one has actually pressed any charges.

In hindsight, it was a rash decision which has left all four MPs in a limbo and parliament in a quagmire. What a farce!

The MPs should not have to endure this disgrace any longer.