Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I really wish that  I had time the time today to post about the reprehensible &  unbalanced  story that CBC Radio ran this morning regarding past political donations and Justice Robert Stack. The guy supports the political process, by giving to two different parties,  through his firm, while in private practice and he is somehow painted to be biased towards the Progressive Conservatives. 

Let us not forget that he was appointed to chair the Electoral Boundaries Commission by the province's Chief Justice not the Premier, The Speaker or a politician.

I'll have to let the news articles do the talking for me for now but this story does nothing but create unfair cynicism about a process that is independent and has to follow the rules as defined by the Charter of Rights via tests created by the Supreme Court of Canada .

It appears to me that the CBC did not approach this story with a critical eye and the goal was mischief.

Congratulations on that much.




The story of American hacktivist Matt DeHart reads like the script from Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory movie.

A former US soldier, he ,  was being held in a Canadian prison after seeking asylum from the US government for his work with Anonymous and trumped up child pornography charges.

Yesterday,  the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) turned down his request, although they did says there was no “credible or trustworthy evidence” he committed the child pornography offences alleged by the American government.

DeHart claims that he  was tortured by the FBI in August.2010 while being interrogated about his connections to the hacker group  Anonymous and a secret FBI document he found on his hidden Tor server that he believes was destined for Wikileaks.

The National Post ran a series of articles about this bizarre case that just amazed and haunted me. No doubt there are some interesting twists and turns, particularly related to his contact with the Russians. 

I do not know if we will ever know the rights of this strange case, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Americans have used torture and seem to be slipping into police state mode in a zealous campaign to catch hacktivists and whistle blowers. 

Big Brother is watching ready to sccop-you up and send you to The Village like the 1960's sci-fi series The Prisoner.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


"But it was not Adams who was called upon 
to deliver the day’s most crawlingly demeaning 
performance. That honour was reserved for Justin 
Trudeau. Adams, after all, was desperate. Trudeau
 had a choice. That he chose to receive her, not 
with a shrug of “hey, a seat’s a seat,” but in the
 same spirit of feigned high-mindedness, proves 
beyond a doubt his fitness for the rigours 
of high office.

Andrew Coyne

Monday, February 9, 2015


"Frankly, the Carey's Bus Situation has
 highlighted a very serious deficiency with
 regards to adequate policies to keep
 our children  safe from perverts and
 predators that prey on the vulnerable" 

Peter Whittle


I caused a little bit of a stir on Friday by calling on the Department of Education to ensure that all individuals that come into contact with school children provide a venerable sector check on an annual basis before employment begins.

The NL Federation of School Councils has been urging government and school boards to tighten-up background checks for every staffer and volunteer that comes into contact with our children. 

Volunteers like me who assist with Kids Breakfast Programs, coach, teach chess, debating, fund-raise are expected by board policy to produce an annual vulnerable sector check. Why, because the board wants to "protect our children. Similar policies are the norm in many not-for-profit organizations from churches to the Scouts. Insurance policies will not be honored if organizations do not carry out due diligence procedures to protect children from abuse. 

Every bus driver, janitor, teacher, teaching assistant, SEOs, secretary,, maintenance person and volunteer that has contact with our children should have to provide an annual vulnerable sector checkNew employees and substitute teachers  must submit police checks, but once you are on the payroll on a permanent basis, there is no requirement for an update.

 I would have thought a common sense measure like this would have been standard operating procedure. However, currently it is not, the oft refrain from boards in the past has been costs and logistics. 

Frankly, I am surprised that the Auditor General has not questioned the lack of an annual police check for all public employees and contract employees that come into contact with our school children. From a tax payer and public administration point of view, it would appear to leave the province open to a potential liability.

 After years of requesting that the boards enhance their protocols on an annual clearance letter, it appears that common sense and the legitimate concerns about the loopholes,cracks and lack of due diligence are being taken seriously.

The CEO of the English School Board told the Telegram and VOCM that his organization is exploring options to tighten up the process. With principles, vice-principals, administrators and human resource experts one would think this would be a pretty straight forward process.

If there are costs, the government, employees, or contractors should be expected pay their own freight without putting extra financial burdens on an education system that is financially challenged. It would be unacceptable to me that existing board resources be diverted away from the classrooms or programming.  

I would like now to ask the provincial government if they will assist the two boards in this province in putting a process in place for September 2016.